Innovative machine technology in modular design

Through a goal-oriented development work, combined with many years of experience in mechanical engineering, at the company Schmidt, under the design manager Fritz Schmidt, a new generation of machines appeared that stands out from the competition and brings significant advantages for the customer, whether large or small business:

Innovative modular system- minimisation of component diversity- Reduced costs for spare parts and storage- Prevention of contamination by overhead guiding parts.

Closed construction of machines – Significant reduction of noise and dust emissions

  • Enhanced work safety due to the closed construction and ergonomic tool change

Minimisation of component diversity due to the modular system, thereby minimizing costs and storage

  • Modular design reduces installation time

Guiding parts of the machines are at the top, mechanics and controls are sealed off from the machine, resulting in low contamination.

Depending on the machine the access to the tool carrier is possible from the outside or the machines can be accessed freely at the platform level for the tool change.

Commissioning and trial operation with operator training and subsequent acceptance.

  • Simple and quick loading of the frame modules or container modules
  • Simple and protected transport of the frame modules or container modules
  • Simpler customs clearance process
  • Simple and quick installation on the construction site within a very short time

Easy and quick run-up phase until stable production operation, within a very short time, with the already trained operator by the already completed trial operation.

Fast technical support via a remote maintenance system

Further advantages:

  • Gears are enclosed in an oil bath, no chains or cardan shafts
  • Innovative machine technology in frame construction
  • Factory pre-assembly of equipment
  • Factory pre-cabling of equipment
  • Factory-set hydraulically and electrically pretested equipment
  •  Lower power consumption
  •  Partial direct drives
  • Reduced number of engines
  • Possibility of leasing, because modules are transportable
  • Electric motors, which are used at extremely low temperatures, have electric heating
  • Installation on bad or moving surface
  • Minimized transport costs
  • Minimized installation time
  • No need in individual foundations
  • Assembly in stiff frames, on request with crane runway along the entire length for tool change and repairs
  • Performance test and acceptance already possible in the factory
  • Production in Germany
  • Low noise level
  • Frozen wood up to -40 °C without problems
  • Low operating costs, therefore a higher profit margin
  • Short amortization period
  • Also well suited for hardwood
  • Repair-friendly and easily accessible
  • The purchasing decision comes easily