Innovative machine technology in modular frame construction


Sawmill concept in difficult times

You inspire us with new ideas. You let us think in new directions and be innovative. For us at Schmidt innovation does not mean just new extras and extensions – for us innovation is border crossing to re-invent the status quo of the future. This is why we develop unexpected solutions which are as daring and pragmatic as your wishes. At Schmidt we develop the machine generation which breaks new ground which makes the practical part exciting and the exciting part practical. So that every cubic metre of cut wood is a pleasure for you.

1. New sawmill concept

The modular sawmill concept was completely reworked and newly developed, through goal-oriented development work, linked with the long-standing experience in the mechanical engineering of Mr. Fritz Schmidt. A new machine generation appeared which contrasts with competition and brings considerable advantages for the customer. The advantages already begin while loading the frame modules. Work-sided assembly of the machines with hydraulic piping as well as electric installation and wiring. A desired factory comissioning is also possible. Absolute Highlight of the mashine is the short installation time.
Smaller machines can be mounted within 2 to 3 days.
More extensive machines with 8 side boards and horizontal saw can be released in approx. 8 days for the startup.

2. Really strong

The powerful design of the saw mill denies its character right away Strongly, highly talented and technically at a state-of-the-art level. You will experience it with enthusiasm. Its comfortable and spacious driver’s cab and its passage strong engines make the saw mill the ideal companion at the work.
The modules are available with a lot of features. With certainty there is also the optimum combination for you and as with every Schmidt saw mill its biggest strengths lie in longevity, quality and reliability which make work easier for you.

3. Toughness

If it comes ot the crunch the closed module construction method is simply unbeatable. The unusual torsional stiffness of the basic frame a classical construction sign from the steel construction of its class makes a distinction and makes the frame especially robust and extremely loadable. Besides the pipe structure also offers the advantage of highest possible Modularity for a wide spectrum of frame lengths and inside volumes. To optimise Weight advantages and Stability or every version, the material strength of the frame is raised proportionally to the load capacity. Besides, his longevity and robustness offer the advantage of a high value stability itself which also becomes positively apparent in the sales of the product.

4. Design

The design of the modular saw mill is impressive in every regard, modern, dynamic and extremely self-confident. In short a real eye-catcher. Its external appearance reflects the nearly absolutely newly developed saw mill that offers a huge number.
design1 design4 design3 design2

5. Versatility

Its impressive variety of options owes the module saw mill the decision, that the different chipper-canter from S50 to S70 and S50 four-sided chipper (Combi-Chipper) are combinable. It is just the same with the saws of type VKS, VKS2, VKS4, VKS6, MKV, NK with stiff or adaptable cut and the horizontal saw. The same is also valid with the cutters whether they come with or without profile cutters, or 1+1 in precutting, as well as also 1+1 in recutting or to the freight haulier. All machines are combinable.
The result: The new module-saw mill is the most versatile frame container in its class which offers a suitable solution for every purpose..

6. Handling

It has never been so easy to drive or to serve intuitively a module-saw mill. The operator has a comfortable and spacious cabin of 3 x 3 metres where he or she can feel fine at work. The Handling of the control console is ergonomically organised. Also the cross section input and visualisation is well built up and clear. Also the tool change gives big pleasure.handling

7. Comfort

Take a seat in the new driver’s cab. The newly formed interior is especially attractive not only optically, but is also convincing in functional regard.
komfort3 komfort2 komfort1 komfort4

8. Capacity

In the matter of engine technology the new module saw mill shows its whole strength. For the choice stand a row of the most modern engines which all show impressive performance characteristics. The management steps of the drive engine with the chippers are 90 to 160 kW, with the saws 50 to 500 kW and even more, according to feed speed.

leistung1 leistung2

9. Profitability

The new module-saw mill is so economic and actually as never before and for every purpose. By the intelligent impulse technology less engines are used. All engines have premium-efficiency class IE3.


10. Economic efficiency

An optimum yield is reached by automatic screwing and diagonal adjustment.


11. Also beyond the halls

Big plan needs place – we do not.

12. A clear favorite also for the on-line cut

At below 37 degrees a perfect chipper cut was still possible without tearing out.


13. Extra equipment
  • Cabin with air-conditioning
  • radio
  • heating
  • desk
  • comfort seat
  • air pressure installation and water installation
  • catwalks
  • crane for repair
  • distant servicing system
  • supervision cameras with screens
  • security equipment
  • chromium-plated feed rollers (by high-speed arrangements serially)
  • automatic fire extinguishing system
  • outside halogen floodlight
  • central lubrication
  • heated electric motors